Meet Emma, the adventure lover who ended up in NZ

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A 30-year-old Brit living in Auckland. I was lucky enough to grow up between Spain and The Bahamas and super fortunate to call Spain home! My parents made sure from an early age the importance of travel, meeting new people and exploring new cultures, I think that’s why I’m always planning my next adventure!

New Zealand was never the plan, but as with most things, the best things happen unexpectedly! We’ve been here 4 years and love being on this side of the world!

How did you hear about FAT, do you remember your first session?

I think during the lockdowns I was struggling (like everyone else) and quickly got into running as a form of escapism. After we were set free, I remember running past the Silo and seeing a sea of people with a ridiculous amount of energy.

I have the attention span of a squirrel and was super intrigued by the fact you could workout outdoors and not be stuck in a concrete 4-wall gym where no one really talked.

I was definitely nervous turning up the first time and was genuinely taken a back at how nice and friendly everyone was, I was hooked from the first session really!

We have shared a few workouts together, what makes you keep coming back?

Just a few reasons…

The people. Even if the workout is first thing or after a long day at work, I can guarantee there’s no better feeling that turning up somewhere and people are smiling, chatting, and waving furiously at you.

The trainers. No matter who is taking the session the workout is never the same. The energy and focus they bring to each class makes it so unique. I really love that there is no judgement, and they just want you to workout to the best of your ability!

The atmosphere. Whether it’s at the Silo or in the winter warehouse, its always different and that helps sooooo much with my lack of attention span! There’s no where quite like it.

What would you say to someone hesitating to come to FAT?

The hardest thing is turning up to your first class. Its good to be nervous but I am sure one of us would be straight over to say hi! Its about having a bit of fun and just being grateful that you’re allowing yourself time to do something just for you!

Do you have a most memorable moment with us?

I think it’s not one moment, but a tonne small moments. Its really lovely turning up somewhere and having a sense of community filled with really lovely people that are genuinely stoked at seeing each other succeed.

Outside of our weekly session, what is your relationship with exercise/movement?

Because I work from home most of the time, I proactively make sure I get out of the house for a long walk or run every day. Huge fan of Reformer Pilates, so if I get the time and not at FAT, I’m there!

What are your health, life goals in 2022?

Every year I try and set a challenge. This year I’ve set my target on the Auckland Half Marathon (hopefully with the help of FAT’s Road Runners) and then I will be doing my first of many Triathlons next year!

Could you tell us 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone on their mental and/or physical health?

1. You are doing the best you can.

2. Find your people and be kind not only to others but yourself.

3. If you able to, move your body, shake it all out and do what makes you feel good!