Our full body conditioning workouts focus on improving your strength, speed and endurance as well as testing your coordination and range of motion. Whether in person or On Demand, we promise you the best experience.

45 Min

Our 45min class format is a rapid cardio & strength full body workout includes punchy core work. Your are going to love our half time challenges.

Warm up

Ease into things with structured mobility exercises that focus on the full body getting you roaring to go.

Circuit Round 1

A high-intensity circuit based around getting the most movement from your body.

Structured around timings and/or reps all whilst using varying equipment and bodyweight.


Here we go! Half way mark, time to show us what you got!

Challenge your mind and body to dig deep in a selected functional challenge boosting those endorphins.

Circuit Round 2

The body is almost at its limit time to reach that pinnacle and finish the workout in style with a similar, shortened version to round 1.

Core & Cool down

Core is super important to us and we will target all 4 zones of the core.

Finishing with a calming, cool down stretch whilst listening to chill beats.


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Don't be scared, we've got you. Fitness All Together offers a bunch of membership series so that you can feel comfortable buying the right one for you depending on how many classes you wish to attend.

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We are normally based in Silo Park, Auckland, but we have a new WINTER WAREHOUSE space located at the back of 35 Graham Street, Auckland.

Come and check one of the most unique underground/outdoor space in Auckland!! Carpark available on the street and around the area.

For private class, we can come to you.